Green area made with Bacchi granules
Green Areas Line

BACCHI's range of solutions for green areas consists of natural materials and contains everything you need to create and renovate parks, gardens and outdoor areas. From inert materials for drained sub-bases to potting soils and ornamental pebbles, everything you need to manage public green areas, residential gardens and commercial outdoor areas.

Soils for general use, but also for specific uses such as light soil for roof gardens and terraces. Tuff blocks and porphyry for flowerbeds and walkways.  Granulates and ornamental pebbles in different colours, from white to black and infinite shades. Special sands for playgrounds that have been de-ironed and sterilized after " heating ". Everything you need and in the most convenient format depending on your needs, in fact, BACCHI products can be supplied in different packaging: sack, big bag, basket or loose material.