Roof garden
Green Roofs

In favor of the reduction of urban heat islands, the company Index offers green area solutions, including roofs, with benefits known to all. Given that urban space is scarce, the transformation of existing roofs is proposed.

The company proposes the transformation of roofs into "intensive green roofs", or roof gardens, or "extensive green roofs". While the first provides a higher weight and a soil thickness of at least 30 cm, while guaranteeing the cultivation of bushes and belongings of a certain size, the second requires 5-12 cm, with the possibility of cultivating small plants, with a reduced maintenance compared to the first case. The green roof allows energy savings of up to 25%, without considering that the thermal resistance of the green roof is greater, being able to use it both in winter and in summer. The green cover temporarily absorbs rainwater and releases it slowly, avoiding flooding. To ensure watertightness, it is necessary to use a waterproofing membrane, Defend Antiradice Poliester, resistant to roots, applied as the last counter-layer in garden waterproofing. Furthermore the green roof filters urban pollution, favors animal settlements and reduces the transmission of noise inside the building.