Production of thermostatic radiator valves


Via Adriatica 5/D, 31020 San Vendemiano (TV)

Founded in 1896, HERZ has a continuous presence on the market for more than 120 years, which is unparalleled.

HERZ armaturen GmbH
The company HERZ armaturen GmbH is, with its 8 plants in Austria and 23 other plants in Europe and more than 3000 workers in the country and abroad, the only Austrian producer and one of the most famous international producers of products for the entire heating and installation sector.

HERZ energietechnik GmbH
The company HERZ energietechnik has over 200 workers in production and trade. In the pinkafeld plants in Burgenland and sebersdorf in Styria there is a highly modern production sector as well as a research and development sector to create innovative products to supply. This has made it possible to intensify the cooperation which has already been tried out with research and training institutes. As one of the pioneers of biomass heating, the HERZ company has established itself as one of the specialists in this field. Several years of quality labels have underlined the decades of experience and know-how of its workers.

BINDER energietechnik GmbH
BINDER, a company located in the east of Styria in bärnbach. For more than 30 years it has been producing biomass heating systems for industry and commerce, with thousands of plants worldwide– from Canada to Japan– which make BINDER one of the world’s leading producers of biomass plants. For more reliable service and maintenance, a Serviceteam with headquarters in bärnbach/österreich was created, which is then divided into 13 commercial and technical offices in 11 countries. Cooperation with universities and related organisations, as well as the know-how of qualified staff, ensures the technological standard worldwide. As far as environmental legislation is concerned, Austria is a model. For this reason BINDER develops products, which totally follow the principle of ecology, sustainability and economics.


Plant with Herz Energia biomass boiler
09 Dec 2019 | 17.00 - 19.00

Energy Efficient Systems. (From biomass / condensing boilers to heat pumps)

Partner: Herz
Plant with Herz Energia biomass boiler
31 Oct 2019 | 17.00 - 19.00

High energy efficiency plants. (From biomass/condensing boilers to heat pumps)

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High energy efficiency systems and systems
25 Jan 2018 | 15.00 - 17.00

High energy efficiency systems and systems. Systems aimed at energy management

Partner: Ferrari Green Energy, De Faveri, Herz