Fritsjurgens door with retractable hinge rotating on vertical axis
Hinge for revolving doors rotation 360 | System 3

The concealed hinges and the invisible vertical axis allow the door to open both outwards and inwards. A perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, FritsJurgens hinge systems are fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door. System 3 enables 360° rotation and locks every quarter of a circle in precise stopping positions. A minimum of effort is required to operate the door, thanks to the spring system of the hinge. It is indestructible and made of high-performance materials. System 3 guarantees resistance to corrosion, thanks to a system created and built to last over time.

FritsJurgens, in order for the hinge to be able to give the door the movement you want, offers four variants, designed on the basis of the weight and width of the door. The company also has an internal control system that allows it to identify the most suitable system, capable of meeting the specific requirements of each customer. The selection between the various doors is varied, but if you need a system that does not figure among those shown, you can always contact the company. The dimensions around the door should also be considered: System 3, besides being designed not to be visible, does not require space between the wall and the door. The space for installation is only 13mm at the lower edge and 4mm at the upper edge. The minimum vertical clearance required for installation depends on the thickness and width of the door, based on the location of the hinge. As far as the pressure load is concerned, the hinge system for swing doors is fixed to a floor plate which, with a 500 kg door, produces a pressure load of 2.33 N/mm2. FritsJurgens offers hinge systems for one-way, two-way and 360° rotation doors, doors with adjustable closing speeds and doors with or without stop positions.