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Innovative Cement

Innovative Cement by Fiandre comprises all the collections with the most contemporary, minimalist look. For both Maximum large panels in size up to 150x300 cm and slim thickness of just 6 mm or ceramic surfaces in more conventional sizes, Fiandre offers a variegated range of colors, finishes and thicknesses, catering for the broadest spread of applications.

The simple, urban style of Aster Maximum and the sophisticated tone-on-tone relief effects of the shades of Hq. Resin Maximum highlight the lines and forms of outdoor claddings and interior design schemes, thanks to the extraordinarily large sizes and extreme versatility of use. Floors, walls and furnishings can now be covered with a surface with an exquisite appearance and exceptionally impressive performances in terms of strength and durability.

By reducing the visual perception of breaks between panels, the large size bestows a perception of continuity and seamless elegance on interiors and furnishings. Easier to handle and shape, the slim thickness is more adaptable for covering furnishings, transforming itself into a second skin.

Innovative Cement offers additional solutions in conventional sizes for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings and pavings, depending on the specific needs of customers and architects. Whether the need is for surfaces for indoor or outdoor use, with specific traffic and load requirements, or exposed to the weather and water, Fiandre guarantees a wide choice of products: Core Shade, with its attractive hybrid concrete and stone effect; Fahrenheit, an amazingly wide color range, classified by degree of chromatic temperature; New Co.De, a synthesis of colors of elegant sobriety; and New Ground, with hues inspired by the elements of nature.