Iris Ceramica Fiandre Wall coverings Flooring
Innovative Impulse

Innovative Impulse is the outcome of the process that transforms the creative projects of the Fiandre research and development department into high-end porcelain stoneware surfaces. Each collection offers a solution tailored to the aesthetic and functional needs of architects and designers.

Daily interaction with professionals in the architecture and design world guides Fiandre's development of increasingly targeted solutions. Its state-of-the-art technology enables it to produce a large number of sizes: from the most conventional 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 cm with a wide variety of thicknesses up to "Maximum" sizes, with massive surface area of as much as 4.5 m2 with a thickness of just 6 mm.

The Innovative Impulse collections do not pursue a single aesthetic theme, as they are inspired by totally different inputs: Data.Uni Maximum is the extreme synthesis of visual balance: black and white, positive and negative. With their depth and purity, they have always been a valued tool for architects to emphasize lines, forms and interplays of light and shade in their projects; from these sharp contrasts we move on to Precious Stones Maximum, a triumph of exquisite, colorful gems enhanced by an ultra-shiny surface.

In this collection, miraculous nature and its complexity become an original creative stimulus for interior designers working to create exclusive projects. Last but not least, Magneto, a collection that combines the solidity of rock and the gleam of metal through streaked, meticulously designed color shades.