Window construction detail
Installation systems for windows for new buildings

Doors and windows are often installed in new buildings as was done 40 years ago: still three-sided counterframes, made of wood or sheet metal, sealed to the wall directly with mortar. The knot between the frame and the subframe is then often performed exclusively with foams and silicone, regardless of the durability of these materials over time and their ability to guarantee sealing and insulation. The result of this neglect in the installation is that the thermo-acoustic sealing characteristics of the window are lost and there is often the appearance of condensation and mold.

PosaClima was born in 2010 precisely to meet these needs: a package of products and solutions for laying which includes counterframes (thermal and structural) and elastic and durable sealing systems (primary joint and secondary joint). All PosaClima solutions comply with the requirements of the UNI 11673-1 standard, published on March 2, 2017. PosaClima is also the only system in Italy to offer a 10-year guarantee on the performance of the laying joint.