Lignotrend insulation supports
Insulation supports

The company Lignotrend, thanks to the use of cross-laminated wood develops innumerable construction components capable of satisfying the various design requirements. As for the supports for thermal insulation, Lignotrend proposes different solutions.

The U * psi F / S support is an element for the creation of high energy performance insulating casings. The element is produced with the laminated wood system in crossed layers in order to guarantee a high dimensional stability. The geometry of the two-mounted element reduces the thermal bridges of the facade to a minimum. U * psi is used as a support element for insulation, creating insulating door chambers. It can be used in facades, roofs, false ceilings and floors. U * psi is compatible with all types of insulation, be it flexible and rigid panels or loose material such as cellulose blown with the blow-in method. U * psi elements can be used both on wooden structures and on traditional and steel constructions. The new U * psi type S element with the adjustable front upright is particularly suitable for energy redevelopment in the presence of irregular and disconnected supports; it can also be used on flat roofs as an element to create slopes. The high degree of sustainability and wholesomeness of the Made of Ligno® elements is guaranteed by the exclusive voluntary Natureplus certification.