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salotto con pareti trasparenti

Iris Ceramica Group

Via Ghiarola Nuova, 119, Fiorano Modenese (MO) 41042 Italia

Iris Ceramica Group is a world leader in the creative development, production and distribution of high-end ceramic tiles for wall, floor and furnishing elements for residential, commercial and industrial use. A Group that identifies itself in its talents and exports in the world the excellence of Made in Italy. Thanks to a widespread distribution network and 9 production plants located in Europe and America, Iris Ceramica Group is present in over 100 countries worldwide with a wide choice of solutions for architecture and interior design.

The companies of Iris Ceramica Group have always been forerunners of new solutions: from the production of large-format sheets, with dimensions up to three meters in height and one meter and a half in width that have introduced a new concept of architectural surface, the patenting of technologies unique in the world in the ceramic sector.

One of the cornerstones of Iris Ceramica Group’s production philosophy is to follow the dictates of sustainable architecture, creating ceramics with high technical-aesthetic performance and characteristics in line with the parameters required by the laws of green building. The companies of Iris Ceramica Group, in the framework of their specific research and innovation activity, have developed a new production methodology oriented to materials whose active ingredient contributes to the improvement of the quality of the environment. An ambitious research project, which has allowed the creation of self-cleaning ceramic surfaces with antibacterial, anti-pollution and anti-odour action. An excellent result that every year, thanks to the incessant work of a dedicated team and with the support of the University of Milan, is implemented in terms of efficiency and performance, significantly contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the man.

With Active Clean Air & AntibacterialCeramic™ it is now possible to use in buildings, both internally and externally, materials that actively and permanently contribute to the creation of a better environment and atmosphere.