Jake Moulson

London Borough of Hackney, Londra, Regno Unito

Jake Moulson Ltd is an innovatory design practice based in Hackney, East London, producing buildings, fittings, furniture and objects. Advocating audacity, excellence and the wilder edges of thinking, JM’s approach is idiosyncratic and dexterous. With a far-reaching knowledge of fabrication and engineering, detailed design and modelling, and with a keen interest in advancing conversations across contemporary architecture, art and design, JM’s skill is in agitating the ease of desirable surfaces and conceptually underpinning them. Combining the sumptuous, unsettling and the rigorous, JM mix caressable surfaces and sexily lit pockets with meticulous incisions, the grain of conservation and advanced technological prototyping. Through closely studied interventions between virtual and physical experience, JM dig into digital and tangible materials, pushing them to disclose their singularities. What emerges is a portfolio of unprecedented approaches to media