Closing system Line Glass

Designing buildings with more and more open and transparent spaces is one of the current architectural trends. Creating a domestic environment that interacts simultaneously with the interior and the exterior through agile protective glass panes, for the pleasure of creating a room with the sky as its ceiling and nature as its outline, is an increasingly evident attitude in home design and advanced architecture. This is why conservatories and verandas represent a peaceful environment that can be used all year round for different purposes. KE's innovation is able to guarantee these advantages thanks to the LINE GLASS closing system.

LINE GLASS is the ideal solution to enhance your pergola, sheltered from wind, rain and noise, the system is characterized by a linear design: for example, the square handle in satin finish, is designed specifically to enhance the minimalist aesthetic, demonstrating the attention to detail that has always characterized the KE offer.

Consisting of a painted aluminum structure and 10 mm tempered glass panels supported by bottoms containing the sliding system, LINE GLASS makes it possible to create real large glass screens (up to 7 m wide by 3 m high). Thanks to the reduced overall dimensions and the "all-glass" effect, it increases the brightness of the rooms, allowing you to live in close contact with the surrounding landscape, in a continuous interaction between indoor and outdoor.

In order to offer maximum customization and adaptability and ensure each project light, protection and well-being, KE offers Line Glass in different types: Transparent, Extra Clear, Reflective, Acid-etched and Smoked. The possible configurations, with 3, 4 or 5-way tracks, allow the choice between side or central closure. Innovative are the closing components of the panels themselves: they simplify installation, and allow a perfectly linear packing of the panels, with smooth sliding, and simplify cleaning. Thanks to the lower rail, which is only 18 mm high, and the possibility of integrating a ramp to facilitate the passage of prams and pushchairs, LINE GLASS guarantees easy access for the elderly and children, for unique and comfortable environments for everyone.

Technical details:

  1. Clean lines and square shapes.

  2. Packing with aligned glass panes.

  3. Gasket with brush to ensure smooth and silent movement.

  4. Removable system for quick cleaning.

  5. Lower track only 18 mm high.

  6. 45° ramp for easy access to prams and pushchairs.

  7. Self-locking and/or lockable.