KE, a reference company in the field of sunscreens thanks to its refined design, innovation, breadth and versatility of the offer as well as flexibility in the management of " custom-made" and special solutions it offers the GENNIUS range, a line with outstanding features in the field of outdoor design. The products are highly reliable and technologically resistant and make it possible to enjoy the outdoor environment, which is enhanced with a touch of elegance.

One of the proposals of the GENNIUS range is the KEDRY PRIME pergola with adjustable slats, a pergola with an aluminum structure featuring a slatted roof that guarantees protection from the sun's rays and humidity, as well as being extremely effective in case of rain thanks to the possibility of adding multiple types of glass to the structure. Thanks to its modularity, the pergola is easily installed and adaptable to any space, to be able to meet the most diverse needs. KEDRY PRIME has no seasonal differences: during the winter period it reduces heat loss and enables a better control of internal temperatures, while during the summer period the structure prevents the overheating of environments by reducing the impact of sunlight.

Another product in the GENNIUS line is the GENNIUS VEGA pergola awning, which makes light an innovative furnishing element. Its linear design, which is characterized by luminous inserts with diffused light, making the aesthetics more attractive and gives rise to a new product, capable of standing out in terms of innovation and quality. The minimal style and versatility of application are combined with the resistance of the materials used. Moreover, thanks to the Vertika Gennius system, the structure can be closed with curtains thus offering protection from water, air and wind. Like the pergola seen above, VEGA makes it possible for it to be used in all seasons and to be managed remotely.

The latest product of this line is GENNIUS ISOLA 3, a pergola awning that can be used in maximum comfort in outdoor spaces of houses, restaurants, bars, shops. The element which distinguishes it is the shape of the low arched roof, which by decreasing the overall height also improves the aesthetic aspect. It is designed to be installed in two ways, leaning against the wall or free-standing and can be integrated with shading or transparent curtains. Thanks to the lightness of the aluminium profiles, which are powder-coated to guarantee excellent corrosion resistance and the more than 500 technical fabrics available for the closed opaque version, Isola 3 blends in perfectly with the architecture of the buildings. An integrated dimmable lighting system makes the product a perfect outdoor furnishing accessory ideal for those who wish to create impressive evening settings. Isola 3 can also be operated through an app, for smartphones or tablets to establish when and how the awning is opened.

KEDRY SKYLIFE it's an innovative aluminum pergola with unique rotating louver - retractable roof design. Kedry Skylife employs a retractable, mobile blade roof that allows adjustment of both light intensity and air ventilation.  Modular design allows Kedry Skylife to be installed in multiple units to create virtually an unlimited coverage area, blending gracefully with any architectural style and with minimum impact to the environment. Pleasing illumination is provided both inside and outside the pergola thanks to an LED lighting system integrated in the pergola’s frame. Simplicity of operation and complete automation is achieved through the use of apps for smartphones and tablets, allowing the user to control and define pergola operation, even remotely.