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Via Julius Durst, 68, 39042 Bressanone BZ, Italia

DAMIANI-HOLZ & KO Spa makes wooden houses that stand out with their registered trademark. The versatility of the product and the design study provided by the company, give way to build any type of building: custom-built residential houses of all sizes, one-family and two-family, multi-family wooden houses, multi-storey wooden buildings and company buildings, buildings for the tertiary sector, elevations and extensions in wood and wooden roofs.

Services and Strengths
The engineering of the architectural project is the strength of LignoAlp, which, through a staff of professionals, including carpenters and designers, follows the project in all its phases. From static calculations, to calculations of building physics, choosing the most suitable construction systems, to then transform the architectural project into an executive project, up to the installation in a workmanlike manner. The group has two operational offices in Alto Adige (Bressanone and Nova Ponente), as well as a widespread network of over 25 technical consultants throughout the national territory.

Certifications and High Energy Efficiency
The certifications achieved testify to the high technical characteristics of the product, without forgetting that the certifications for highly energy-efficient and economic houses, in the near future, will be a very important topic when choosing the property. The company can in fact boast the OHSAS, ISO, and SOA certification, the CasaClima partnership, the ministerial attestation for manufacturers of wooden structures and for transformers of wooden structures, the PEFC certification and the CE marking for wooden houses up to 6 floors.


Facade of a hotel in South Tyrol in laminated wood

Laminated larch wood for the Hotel Facade. Expansion in South Tyrol

Bergmeisterwolf, an architectural studio, has designed the extension of the Nature&Spa Vitalpina Hotel Pfösl in Nova Ponente, in the province of Bolzano, an accommodation complex situated in a natural setting with a strong visual impact, surrounded by meadows and forests

Kindergarten and elementary school in Bressanone

Kindergarten and primary school in Bressanone. Innovation between Wooden Facade and Green Roof

In Sant'Andrea, a district of Bressanone, MoDus Architects created the wooden extension of the building, which became an element of aggregation, hosting not only primary school and kindergarten, but also large public spaces for the community

Home in x-lam

New X-Lam wooden house in Emilia Romagna. Clay Plaster and Green Roof for the House in green building

In the center of Albinea, in the province of Reggio Emilia, the architect Montanari of the Archetipo-Cavriago Studio creates a house with an X-Lam panel structure that distinguishes itself from the traditional structures of the area and thus becomes a source of attraction

Project of the first wooden nursery in Milan

X-lam for the green kindergarten. The first kindergarten in Milan completely made of wood

Babylife, the first wooden kindergarten in Milan, has among its protagonists LignoAlp, which, thanks to the construction technology of the X-Lam, creates an innovative project, which is both sustainable and of great architectural quality

Wooden cross inside the Chapel at the Venice Biennale covered in gold leaves

Chapel at the Venice Biennale. The Christian cross becomes a structural element

Teronobu Fujimori designs one of the chapels for the "Vatican Chapels" exhibition at the Venice Biennale. The architect puts the wooden cross, a symbol of Christianity at the centre of his concept, making it a structural part of the building