Loading and storage systems
Loading and storage systems | Herz

The loading and storage systems differ according to the type of fuel, wood chips or pellets, and only pellets. Depending on the machine, storage possibilities can have different storage modes, ensuring maximum flexibility. Depending on the type, you can have horizontal loadings, on various levels, by fall, with extraction and vertical and with flexible auger.

In general the loading and storage systems are divided into two according to the type of machine. Loading and storage systems for Chips or Pellets are divided into six categories: storage and technical room on the same level with oblique loading with agitator and 2 loading augers; loading the deposit with a horizontal agitator and with an auger uphill for optimal use of the deposit; storage and technical room at different levels: horizontal loading with agitator and tube for falling; extraction system with agitator and transport auger; rake extraction system. The loading and storage systems for pellets in turn can be with loading with flexible auger, loading with flexible auger and drop system, with flexible auger with transfer system, loading with a flexible auger from a bag silo. They can be loaded with suction or agitator containers.