Ludwig Godefroy Architecture

Bucareli 128, Colonia Centro, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06040 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Messico

Why do I like the word concordance? It seems to me that it introduces an important and essential subjectivity subject, appropriate to everyone, where concordance is an extraordinary meeting point between things, a source of surprise, and for me very often a starting point to start a project. A concordance is something personal, but without being too intimate to prevent sharing. It is according to me, what makes a work of architecture unique, according to its sensitivity, its curiosity, its emotions and also its history.

It is difficult to define concordance, it can be a similarity, a correspondence, a resonance, an identification, a relationship, even a synchronicity. I think the most important thing for me, is that it works from the level of intuition, in that same way I don't know why I arrived in Mexico, the only thing I know is because I have not left Mexico; simply because I achieved agreement with this country with which I have developed a tender and loving bond.