Carrer de Roger de Llòria, 11 46002 València

Masquespacio is an award winning creative consultancy created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the 2 disciplines of their founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates custom-made branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts. In 2019 they have been awarded ‘Interior Designers of The Year’ by the Spanish edition of The New York Times’ T Magazine. Previously they also have been awarded with the ‘Massimo Dutti New Values’ award by Architectural Digest Spain and the “Wave of the Future” award by Hospitality Design USA, next to a continued international recognition by media specialized in design, fashion and lifestyle trends. They have worked on projects in several countries like Norway, USA, Germany, France and Spain


bar tile cladding lucci hanging ceiling

A new restaurant in Valencia that combines sensory and culinary experience. The space is reinterpreted by colour and tradition

Located in Valencia's maritime district called Canyamelar - Cabanyal, the restaurant designed by Masquespacio was inspired by the dream of chef Sergio Giraldo and bartender Cristóbal Bouchet to open their own restaurant, La Sastrería with the help of Grupo Gastroadictos

Interior of the restaurant in tropical tones

Restaurant in Valencia that offers tropicalism and oriental flavours. A mix of cuisine and design

The Kaikaya restaurant, designed by Masquespacio, was established by the fusion of two different cultures with the soul of its property, a Valencian who moved to Brazil and fell in love with Nikkei-Nikkei cuisine, a combination of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine

Infinite combinations of Toadstool for an upholstery collection inspired by graphic design

Infinite combinations of Toadstool for an upholstery collection inspired by graphic design

Toadstool is a collection of seats and upholstered furniture by Masquespacio which combines fabrics with noble materials, marble, wood and golden metals, inspired by visual culture and graphic design

rocking chair pastel colors collection

Rocking chair between combinations of material, colour and shape. An artistic vision of furniture

Masquespacio presents Too Mach a piece of furniture of his new brand Mas Creations through which the studio wants to present his unique vision of a universe that mixes digi-tal, photography, objects and space, in a contrast of shapes and colours.

MASQ mirrors and vases: accessories between pre-Columbian masks, art and irony

MASQ mirrors and vases: accessories between pre-Columbian masks, art and irony

In the MASQ collection of mirrors and vases designed by Masquespacio Studio in collaboration with Lucie Kaas, the boundaries between art and functional design become blurred

Design store in valencia

Store in Valencia. Project between Art and Graphics to exhibit experiences of Design

Masquespacio creates an interior design project for a "lifestyle space", Gnomo, where there is more than a store, it is a space to share experiences and where objects are stories to tell

Organic shapes and color for BreatheSunglasses in Bogota. Brand values transformed into design

Organic shapes and color for BreatheSunglasses in Bogota. Brand values transformed into design

For the design of the new Breathestore in Bogota, a renowned sunglasses and frames store, Masquespacio was inspired by the brand'svalues. In order to achieve this, he used the sinuous and unpredictable lines of the products on sale, with their distinct organic shapes

language school with a colorful interior

Language school in Valencia. Design combining Colour, Identity and Tradition

Masquespacio designs a language school in Valencia where tradition and design blend with colours, including comfort, through the use of warm materials such as pine

Purple custom interior design

Customized interior design. A more unique vision for the next step in the evolution of design

The Masquespacio Studio designs "Mas Creations" a customized high-end interior design for a more selective clientele but also a wide selection of products designed exclusively by their studio

upholstered seat wall lamp metal fringes

Collection of lamps and chairs. Paddings, fringes and metal combine with bright colors

Masquespacio confirms the collaboration with the Spanish brand Houtique through the creation of a new collection of upholstered seating inspired by the seventies, while introducing new materials such as gold painted metal

Contemporary Colorful Hostel

Hostel + Design in Valencia. Contemporary space with a strong personality

The building located in Valencia was renovated by the Spanish studio Masquespacio, a hostel converted into a contemporary space thanks to the addition of decorative elements capable of adapting to any personality.

bar ibiza beach terrace

Bar with a Mediterranean spirit in Ibiza. The design transforms the colour of the Spanish tradition

The TORÖ Bar in Ibiza is the latest project by Masquespacio, commissioned by the Servitur Group, tourism management consultant behind the Typic Hotels hotel chain. The project concept uses colour to develop a place of hospitality with a Mediterranean spirit

art nouveau valencia restaurant

Art Nouveau and a concept for a restaurant in Valencia. Natural products and conviviality

Located inside the Central Market of Valencia, Restaurant Piur, an Art Nouveau building with the new concept has already become a landmark. In fact, the chain of pizzerias wanted to create its own brand through the brilliant design of Masquespacio

restaurant wood paneling furniture color

Take away and Design. In Valencia, a chain of restaurants focuses on design and colour

Masquespacio designs the third Kento Shop, the Valencia chain specializing in Japanese take-away food, with particular attention to sushi. This third location is the largest so far at 100 m2. Key points, the high ceiling and the large glass window

screen and terracotta furniture

Combination of Design and Matter. Terracotta inspires a relationship between the past and the present

The "Mission", entrusted to the Spanish studio Masquespacio, under the guidance of Valentina Guidi Ottobri, is to work on the idea of travelling as a revelation. A journey to the re-discovery of "Land", in its natural essence, between nature and artifice.

Piadineria color and wood

Piadineria that focuses on Design in France. Colour and fabrics as a representation of Italy

Studio Masquespaio designs a piadineria in Lyon, based on the desire of its owners, who are Italians but grew up in France and want to export this traditional recipe to the contemporary world, through a modern brand