Flooring ardesia
Flooring ardesia
Classic flooring

Among the classic floors, the company offers different types based on the type of use that must be made of it and the characteristics of the product itself.

Micheletto's Premium Series line offers products in double state of concrete, a mixture of precious aggregates with high wear resistance, whose final treatment, scratching the surface layer, highlights the grits, giving aesthetic properties similar to natural stones and helping to improve the anti-slip performance of the flooring. The Prestige Series products are subjected to the same production process, in which the characteristics and colors of the double-layer products are mixed, with more reddish and pinkish colors than the previous lines, with a clean and essential design. To the Elite Series, particularly resistant to wear, Stone Tech technology gives a very high degree of impermeability, extending the life of colors and reducing the negative effects of rainwater on the pavement. The Top Line Series adapts perfectly to historic environments, especially for squares, historic centers, with their simple, harmonious and rustic design, with finishes that simulate the wear and tear of the product over time. The Spigolo Vivo Series guarantees the composition of particular geometries, with a high visual impact, especially in outdoor areas, in public environments and urban streets. Among the special flooring, instead, there are the Tactile Floorings, capable of ensuring autonomous mobility for people who are visually impaired / blind, in open spaces such as inside public buildings or open to the public. The dimensions of the constituent elements of this floor are considerable, to minimize the presence of joints.