Flooring borgo veneto trachite
Flooring borgo veneto trachite
Draining floors

The Micheletto company offers a line of draining floors, an excellent aesthetic solution for exteriors that allows a natural penetration of rainwater, ideal for those who want to have effective management of rainwater. Thanks to these expedients, it is possible to drain consistent rainy phenomena with minimal maintenance, with total respect for the environment, from installation to use.

Draining floors are very effective for outdoor use, for sidewalks, car parks or cycle paths. The products, as well as functionality, guarantee a certain attention to the aesthetic aspect, creating harmonious and pleasant contexts. Micheletto offers several, each with its own characteristics. Eco Filter, the solution that best respects the cost-effectiveness ratio, an eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, Dry beton, flooring suitable for residential, industrial and outdoor urban flooring, used in areas where it is important to safeguard the hydrological balance of the environment, Dreno Beton, mainly used in drive-over drainage floors such as pavements, parking lots, cycle paths. The Borgo Veneto Filter flooring is elegant and versatile, perfect for public environments, courtyards, avenues and urban streets, durable and resistant, while the Via Desman Filter flooring, with its different colors and different sizes, is usable in any context, whether it modern or classic, clearly combining aesthetics and functionality. Grigliato Duneis perfect for residential areas and parking spaces, a flooring that jumps the combination between the aesthetic and the simplicity of a draining slatted floor.. Grigliato 40x60 and Grigliato 50x50 are floors suitable for residential, industrial and urban furnishing areas, in different colors and can be filled with crushed stone or soil with various types of grass.