garden walls Murago Veneto
garden walls Murago Veneto
Retaining walls

The proposals for garden walls and earth retaining walls designed by Micheletto meet all the needs of designers and landscape architects. The earth retaining walls, ideal for both public and private works, large and small, have characteristics of stability and resistance even for heavy loads. Although installation times are very fast and costs are reduced, quality and aesthetics are guaranteed. For public and private garden areas, the company offers garden walls for the creation of planters, flower beds, which simulate the effect of stone, quick to lay, perfect in any context.

Among the proposals of the Micheletto company, there are several systems that respond to the most diverse demands. The Pisa2 system is mainly aimed at the construction of retaining walls in earth reinforced with geogrids, with modular concrete facing. Thanks to the appropriate combination of geogrids and concrete blocks, the walls built with this system meet the building, geotechnical and architectural needs of different situations, in case of slopes, embankments, escarpments.  The Key Stone system, like the previous system, is addressed mainly to the construction of containment walls in earth reinforced with geogrids, for solid, economic structures, easy to lay: lightweight, easy-to-handle blocks are much easier to lay on site than cages and concrete structures and shells. Murago Veneto, an innovative wall for the decoration of gardens, with a trapezoidal shape, which allows the realization of curved and linear walls. The system guarantees aesthetics, durability, quality and resistance, dry laying is very simple and has the ability to renew the environment in which it arises.