Mineral wool glass
Mineral wool glass

Mineral wool glass has unique physical properties, in the landscape of insulation materials: it is light, easy to install, sustainable and offers excellent performance of thermal insulation, acoustic and fire resistance.

Mineral glass wool is composed of up to 80% recycled glass, mixed with materials from almost exclusively natural sources. The compound is melted at 1400°C and then passed in a centrifuge where the real fibres are produced, fibers that are then bound with natural thermosetting resins. The last step, before cutting and finishing, is to polymerize the resins in a special oven.
The fibrous structure of the glass wool, composed of infinite micro-cavities of air, makes the material an excellent natural sound absorber able to isolate from external noise, and at the same time is able to attenuate and correct the same acoustic action and optimize the sounds and reverberations within the environments. According to the physical principle of mass-spring-mass, it avoids transmissions along the cavities, damps the vibrations induced on the individual layers, reduces the phenomena of resonance inside the cavities thus lowering the sound level and isolates the structures in a complete and uniform way avoiding acoustic bridges. In addition to being an excellent insulator and acoustic regulator, mineral wool glass is a thermal insulator capable of remarkable performance, is resistant to high temperatures, is lightweight, versatile and for this reason it is easily suitable for many types of applications.