MODULA is a line of technological panels, decorative and handcrafted, made of low thickness aluminum composite depending on the texture and decoration choice, standard size 100 300 cm (customizable on request). The MODULA panels can be used to cover bathrooms, showers, kitchens, living areas and furnishing accessories, in the residential and public sectors. Ideal in the high-end contract sector, in public places, bars, restaurants, in the nautical sector, in schools, kindergartens, hotels and communities.

Panels coated in eco-mortar and Oleomalta, ecological, easy to maintain and resistant to water, are antibacterial and therefore ideal for food contact, can be customized and treated with Ecopur innovative product that ionizes and purifies the air. The MODULA panels can be chosen from the 10 textures of the decoro sampling, or from the 24 textures of the All Inclusive collection, and in the colors of the overseas folder.