Benefits Natural ventilation with Solar Star on the roof
Natural ventilation from the Sun | Solar Star

Solar Star products are the ideal solution for ventilation of the attic. The Solar Star is a sun-powered product to remove heat and moisture from the attic. The Solar Star roof ventilation system is the ideal solution for ventilation. Solar Star, leader in solar-powered ventilation, offers the technologically advanced and environmentally friendly ventilation solution; with cost-free operating solutions.

RM 1200 is recommended for lofts with a low angle of inclination and roof or small lofts. RM 1600 is the best solution for lofts with very inclined roofs or large attics or in particularly warm and humid climates. IM 1200 alternatively while it can be mounted on existing timpani inside or on vertical façades. RM 1200 Add-On Panel can be added an additional photovoltaic panel to optimize and prolong the operation in shadow zones of the primary panel. The Thermostat is an accessory that allows automatic system shutdown if the temperature of the attic is below 18°. It’s Compatible with all models.