Isolmant perimeter walls acoustic insulation
Noise insulation for airborne noise | Isolmant

Isolmant is also responsible for the isolation of vertical partitions, with the aim of obtaining a perfect sound insulation with a finished structure. In order to obtain good sound insulation, it is necessary to insert a suitable insulating material with sufficient mass inside the cavities to resist the passage of noise and be able to dampen the noise frequencies passing through the structure.

Isolmant offers different solutions depending on the type of structure in which to insert the right material to ensure adequate comfort not only acoustic but also thermal: for partition walls with cavities,for perimeter walls, applications in clean-up conditions where the thickness is often reduced and for light walls and backwalls in plasterboard that involves the laying of a fibrous material inside the metal warp. Finally, acoustic screens are available for the ceilings or raised floors at the vertical partitions to reduce insulation losses caused by acoustic bridges.