Via al Mare, 20 47842 San Giovanni In Marignano RN Italia

ECOMAT S.r.l. owner of Brand OLTREMATERIA®, ECOMALTA® and OLEOMALTA® was born from a group of technicians, researchers and designers, with great experience in the field of innovative materials, of resin floor coverings and with experiences in the world of Design and Green Building. ECOMAT s.r.l. is aimed at a clientele of retailers and professionals interested in using eco-friendly systems and materials for a low impact on the environment.

The ecomat mission is to "build and live Green” creating materials, systems and resins based on water for continuous surfaces and innovative solutions oriented to the environment and to the improvement of health and quality of life through eco-friendly systems and materialscompatible to prevent major diseases arising from indoor and outdoor pollution. OLTREMATERIA does not use solvents, cement and epoxy resins, reuses inerts and recycled minerals certified , this way of coating ensures a healthier life, as well as a higher quality and efficiency of the product.

Put at the centre the eco-sustainable quality of the HOUSE in relation to the health of its inhabitants: this is the philosophy behind the project OLTREMATERIA. At the heart of the company philosophy lies the human factor, the discriminating element for business skills, with all that this entails in terms of values, expectations, hopes, ideas and creativity.