Outdoor - Life in an exterior

The outdoor range by Porcelaingres has now been expanded with special pieces and new products that can help you craft new solutions not just for gardens, pools and terraces, but for public areas as well. Outdoor special is a catalogue for architects, designers and private individuals who wish to craft unique outdoor solutions, as it can create continuity with indoor décor. In addition to choosing the same flooring for indoor and outdoor, there is also the option of creating matching furnishings. A broad selection of colours, finishes and surfaces, including stone, concrete and wood, designed to inspire and provide full freedom of expression, thanks to the strength and reliability of 20 mm thick hightech porcelain stoneware. The versatility of this material thus offers the opportunity to create fully custom outdoor and urban areas, giving leeway to personal creativity and suited to the spectrum of individual styles.

The heft of stone and the elegance of marble meet to inspire the surfaces in the Royal Stone collection. The elemental nature of freshly hewn stone, with the subtle veins and variegations typical of marble, gives life to a material that can at once be majestic yet minimalist, bold yet delicate, and seamlessly fit in with any type of interior.
Royal Stone comes in five colours: Black Diamond, Imperial Brown, Palladium Grey, Noble Beige, Platinum White, along with surfaces with high variability to confer a sense of motion and a natural, one-of-a-kind personality to this collection.

Masses of compact rock, made of natural mineral substances shaped over time, accompany humans along their path. QUARTZ_STONE, the new Porcelaingres collection, represents the stone in its colour variations, placing strength and hardness alongside a clean and sober design. Walking, experiencing daily life on intense surfaces able to transmit positive sensations, delicate and harmonious textures that respond perfectly to the multiple requirements of contemporary architecture.
The stone as an unrivalled element of strength and tradition, indissoluble and resistant to time and history. Colours and surfaces that recall the tenacity of Nature, enriched by brilliant moments that give the new Porcelaingres collection a unique and distinctive sign of careful prestige. Rooms stand out due to the new sought-after elegance of the intense and exclusive strokes.
The dynamicity of black, colour - symbol of energy and resistance, able to guarantee elegance in all spaces, indoors and outdoors. An innovative surface, the perfect result of the highest Porcelaingres technology.

We live surrounded by ideas. The precision of architecture, which allows us to alter the landscape and make it our own; the power of design to create an ambience from a single point of view. The cement of secure and enduring foundations beneath our feet, on which the city rests and where our lives unfold. It is those streets, those landscapes of glass and steel, together with the character of cement and the vibrancy of the city that forged URBAN, the new collection by Porcelaingres.

Just like the intriguing tale of beauty written between the rugged lines of bark, like the lush copses and ancient evergreens, the new In_Wood by Porcelaingres has the same evocative powers of wood. Six varieties with brown or neutral tones, inviting you to a wonderful getaway under the auspices of continuity and innovation. The charm of wood is combined with the reliability of porcelain stoneware featuring the most advanced technical performance to create a collection with the versatility of natural materials, able to blend in with the most diverse interiors.