Pergola Pratic for the dehor of a hotel
Outdoor systems for contract and horeca

In the Contract sector, pergolas and awnings offer great possibilities. Outdoor spaces, hotels, factories, restaurants, shopping malls and shops, used mainly in summer are reinvented and the company Pratic offers a range of products to do so, along with specialized advice and designers in the field. In this way, it is possible to extend the accommodation period, thanks to materials and technologies that transform awnings and pergolas into technologically advanced products. Thanks to pergolas and awnings, ideal light and ventilation conditions are guaranteed in the outdoor structure, which can be extended at any time by adding modules that increase the covered surface. An outdoor space of this type is a tribute to customers for unique comfort and a prestigious, skilful and elegant architectural setting. Thanks to the essentiality of Pratic's design, the extensive choice of colours and the quality of the materials used for the curtains and structures, the products are in perfect harmony in every context, even when the temperatures are colder. As a matter of fact, in this case, the possibility to use windows makes it possible to protect oneself from the cold and to enjoy the view in any way. Thanks to the countless accessories, it is easy to create privacy zones or elegant and refined lighting effects, thanks to the evening led lighting.