Pratic pergola with side closures for the residential
Outdoor systems for residential

The Pratic company is the protagonist of modern living, the result of the interaction between indoor and outdoor. New spaces of the house are restored, the domestic horizons widened and the exteriors rethought as spaces that can be inhabited all year round in full comfort. The house, in this way, is no longer seen as a closed environment, but as a place open to the landscape that surrounds it. Roofs and pergolas are technological solutions that interact with the outside, enabling the natural recycling of air on hot days and the closure of the pergola in case of cold or bad weather thanks to glass perimeter windows. The pergolas fit perfectly into the garden or into the exclusive spaces of the metropolis, while the roofs create modern porticos that balance the interior and exterior. Even balconies and terraces can be given privacy and shelter thanks to the use of curtains of multiple colours, capable of protection from light and UV rays. In addition, by integrating the lighting, you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape even in the evening. Pratic pergolas and awnings are advanced, functional and stylish covers for every outdoor project. The design, with its clean and sharp line, is both essential and meticulously refined. Materials and shades are inspired by current trends in interior design, always pursuing the value of beauty and well-being of open-air life.