URSA TERRA insulated building with mineral wool panels
Panels of mineral wool | URSA TERRA

URSA TERRA is the most natural system to provide protection against noise, saving energy and respecting the environment. The products of the new URSA TERRA line are made of mineral wool and are the ideal solution to the need for acoustic and thermal insulation and passive fire protection, all with a single product. The URSA TERRA installation offers a high quality soundproofing system with excellent thermal performance and the best reaction to fire.

URSA TERRA 76R and URSA TERRA 76P are used in lightweight partition walls made of coated plaster. URSA TERRA 64R is used in internal separation walls, cavity insulation and insulation of counter walls. URSA TERRA Plus 70 and URSA TERRA Plus 68 are suitable for partition walls between separate building units. URSA TERRA 70 spring is ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation in drywall systems of external walls, internal partition walls and partitions and for false ceilings. URSA TERRA Plus 70/Ac - XL is used for perimeter walls and separation between two separate building units. URSA TERRA 66, URSA TERRA 66 Nb, URSA TERRA 62 and URSA TERRA 62 Vr are used in pitched roofs, partition walls and the separation between two separate building units. URSA TERRA Sol 64 is used for floors and URSA TERRA MultiSOL for pitched roofs.