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Via Boves, 55, 10024 Peveragno CN, Italia

The Pavesmac company was founded in 1987, with the aim of manufacturing self-blocking concrete blocks for external flooring. The desire for research and innovation has led the company, within a few years, to specialize in all the main solutions, for which it uses only the best raw materials on the market, offering a wide range of unique products.

Advanced Technologies
Many of the company's products use cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a high degree of permeability and drive-over, and patented interlocking spacer systems in Europe. In support of all this, investments in production plants and labor ensure product excellence and safety for all employees.

Qualified Professionals
In addition to the excellent quality of the products, Pavesmac guarantees installers affiliated to the company, qualified professionals for each type of construction site, who guarantee a workmanlike installation for each product requested. Customers can count on reliability, courtesy, efficiency and experience.