Herz pellet boilers
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Herz's pellet boilers have been on the market for years and all over Europe, thanks to a high cost-effectiveness, easy use and modern design, they are excellent both for underfloor heating and radiators, in new buildings and renovations . Depending on the request, the Pelletstar provides the right temperature. This type of boiler offers a high degree of efficiency and automatic pellet loading is possible through different loading systems

The Herz Pelletstar Condensation is the ideal solution both for new plants and for renovations. The heat distribution can be carried out both with low temperature systems (such as underfloor heating) and high temperature (radiators). Depending on the request, the CONDENSATION pelletstar, even without the puffer, provides the right temperature. The Herz pelletstar 10-60 T-Control is a pellet combustion system with a stainless steel burner even at continuous high temperatures integrated in the boiler, fuel transport with flexible auger, automatic ignition with fan for high temperatures. The Pelletstar ECO 10-60 guarantees automatic heating, fully automatic cleaning of both the heat exchanger surfaces and the fully automatic grill. In addition to continuous adjustment, efficient thermal insulation and a small footprint.