Pratic pergola on the beach

Over the years, Pratic has engaged in a constantly evolving interaction with the external environment, which has led the company to the creation of innovative solutions such as pergolas and arbours, structures that have revolutionized the way of living outdoors and minimized the boundary between the inside and outside. The distinctive design made in Italy is the protagonist of the Pratic pergolas, which give life to new spaces which can be lived in comfortably every season of the year.

The Bioclimatic Pergolas with their advanced technology and essential design, represent the new frontrunner of bioclimatic outdoor architecture for contract spaces and private homes. Special aluminium sunshade blades characterize this type of pergola, which can rotate up to 140 degrees to obtain the best conditions of wind and light comfort. The Aluminium Pergolas have eleven different types of structures for every need, with the same comfort, beauty, functionality and resistance. Thanks to the PVC sheet and the aluminium structure, they meet every type of design requirement. Thanks to their modularity, the use of side curtains and perimeter closures, the pergolas are easily customizable. The Wooden Pergolas, with their essential design, combine functionality with classic beauty. The supporting structure made of pine wood is completed with different roofing systems. Everything can be integrated with automation and accessories. Finally, the Outdoor Covers with their essential and elegant lines, are a synthesis of quality and innovation. They can be installed in any context with the constant guarantee of high operating performance and resistance.