Photovoltaic Tiles and Roof Tiles
Photovoltaic Tiles and Roof Tiles

The perfect balance between technology and aesthetics, plus the charm of authentic Possagno terracotta: the photovoltaic tile and tile are suitable to dress the roof of new buildings or revisit a restored building in a contemporary key. The installation of the photovoltaic tile and roof tile by Industrie Cotto Possagno maintain the charm, functionality and effectiveness of the terracotta roof covering.


  • The thermal flywheel properties typical of terracotta and even those of the outflow channels are neither modified nor altered
  • The laying does not require tanks and/or fixing brackets; all problems related to infiltration and thermal bridges are therefore avoided
  • The installation of a by-pass diode makes the system free from problems created by mobile or unexpected shading (trees, chimneys, antennas, leaves, etc.)
  • The ventilation channel between the PV module and the tile/tile makes the system less sensitive to high summer temperatures (lower temperature implies higher efficiency)
  • In the case of power decrease for a failure module, it is not necessary to replace it given the auto-disconnection. If you still want to proceed with the change, it is not required the use of specialized personnel (thanks to the rapid multi contact grafts the operation is easy and quick)