Polycrystalline PV panels Futurasun
Polycrystalline PV panels

Polycrystalline panels represent 70% of the world production of modules, the Italian percentage is also higher. This is because polycrystalline silicon, compared to monocrystalline silicon, is the most mature and proven technology, the cost is just lower, the thermal coefficient is better and the conversion efficiency in presence of diffuse light (cloudy sky) is better.

FU270-285P (270-285 Watt - 60 cells)  and FU300-330P (300-330 Watt - 72 cells) suitable for any installation. Thanks to an excellent temperature coefficient, they guarantee higher efficiency even at high operating temperatures. The photovoltaic panels FU240-250P (250 Watt - 54 cells) made with 54 polycrystalline silicon cells have a smaller size than the standard module with 60 cells. The FU290-300P Silk (290-300 Watt – 60 cells) in polycrystalline silicon with 12 busbars are the new generation of high efficiency PV modules with higher efficiency even in low-radiation conditions. FU260-275IT (260-275 Watt - 60 cells - made in EU) are polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels produced in Europe and suitable for any type of installation.