Safety Design: a 100% safe bathroom

Every place, whether public or private, has a bathroom: restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, homes, schools... for every context it is necessary to think of specific furnishing features for a space which is apparently very simple but in reality very delicate.

But while design choices are influenced by the destination (a bathroom in a nursing home cannot be designed in the same way as one in a restaurant), there are criteria to be met beforehand: accessibility, safety and inclusiveness. A bathroom should be barrier-free, it should be usable by everyone in the most comfortable way possible, and it should be safe, guaranteeing the right solutions to avoid falling, slipping and other types of risks. Ponte Giulio's Safety Design range was born from these requirements: to make the bathroom a place for everyone, to increase its comfort by making it a truly safe place. Even for the elderly or for those who suffer from motor difficulties, individuals who often, due to poor design of spaces, feel a sense of unease when using these environments. Antibacterial aids, taller sanitary fittings, ergonomic washbasins, solid supports and seats with high resistance... Safety Design contains all those products that have always been at the heart of Ponte Giulio, which has always been committed to finding new solutions to improve the liveability of these spaces, declining the concepts of safety and inclusiveness in all their forms.



Kids Design: the bathroom as a place of fun

Like so many other spaces, schools are the centre of life in a community, the greenest of them all: that of the little ones. A school environment is the centre of most of the children's daily activities and Ponte Giulio must therefore meet all the requirements of accessibility and inclusiveness.

Designing a context of this kind therefore requires tailor-made solutions, furnishing elements that allow the spaces to be used by individuals, the children, who have different dimensions (height, weight, etc.) compared to the adult world. All this applies to the bathroom environment as well.
Kids Design brings together everything that can be considered indispensable for the configuration and design of a child-friendly environment. Accessories, WCs, washbasins, mirrors... all designed for the use of a community that must experience the bathroom with the sense of light-heartedness typical of childhood. All products are made by combining the culture of safety and inclusiveness typical of Ponte Giulio with the sense of fun that characterises these wonderful years. The adoption of references to the animal and plant worlds and the use of bright colours characterise products that aim to stimulate the imagination and playful expression typical of children in a balanced way.
All the materials chosen are crafted in such a way as to make the bathroom a pleasant and safe place, always with an eye to functionality: these are always public spaces, subject to massive use and discreet transit. The products must therefore also meet criteria of durability, resistance and practicality.

Life Caring Design: safety and style on the same line

Intimacy, relaxation, well-being. This is what a bathroom is all about, a place where you can go to after a hard day of work or, on the other hand, where you can recharge your batteries and get on with your routine, a place where you can devote time to yourself, a place where you feel protected and at ease.

Life Caring Design draws its inspiration from these themes, from the need to feel this space as our own, from the possibility of living it in harmony and complete peace, with pleasure and not with a sense of oppression.
With this range
Ponte Giulio wishes to claim the right to desire a comfortable, aesthetic bathroom, beautiful to see and to live in. A dream that age and disability can often shatter, favouring a search for the mere functionality of accessories. Hug collection, Solo Shower, Prestigio+ bars are the proof of a bathroom that can be safe and elegant at the same time, that doesn't need to sacrifice its own style in favour of functionality.
An effort, that of Ponte Giulio, aimed at demonstrating that, yes, accessibility and style can coexist. All the products of the collections are designed to meet the strictest safety standards, tested and certified for resistance to high weight loads and designed to protect against any kind of danger linked to a bathroom environment. All with a touch of design to soften the shapes and provide a pleasant environment from all points of view.

Hospitality: tailor made solutions for hotel bathrooms

When talking about the design or refurbishment of accommodation facilities, one cannot fail to mention the bathroom environment, an area that is as fundamental as it is delicate, especially for this type of business. In fact, there are several factors that come into play when designing these spaces in the hotel sector. While on the one hand there is the need to respect precise quality standards (such as to maintain or appreciate the level category of the facility) and stylistic standards, on the other hand elements of functionality (practicality in cleaning, maintenance and durability) and economy (respecting an expense budget, economic savings in their management) must be taken into account.

Observance of all these drivers of choice, therefore, requires considerable listening and analysis skills, accompanied at the same time by experience in knowing how to realise design proposals that fit the cause.

With fifty years of experience, Ponte Giulio has been able over time to build a contract division totally dedicated to this specific sector, fine-tuning a working method that knows how to meet the needs of the designer or facility owner. From the study and analysis phase to the facility’s inspection, through to installation: Ponte Giulio is able to do all this. A true turnkey service aimed at solving the critical design issues of the case through the contribution of the expertise of our specialists.

Healthcare: tailor made solutions for hospitalits and nursing homes

The design of a toilet is influenced by several factors, first and foremost of course the intended use. We must be able to adapt the space and its features based on the users who will use the bathroom environment.

This principle is particularly true for healthcare and hospital facilities, spaces intended for people with extreme fragility and a limited level of autonomy. Assisting patients in this psychophysical state requires great care and a specially designed space, with equipment to simplify the activities of the caregivers and a good level of comfort, which favours the patient's adjustment. But it must also be able to address the issue of ‘safety’ fully and completely, both on the patient side (risk of falls, slips and infections), and on the caregiver side (who may be exposed to excessive physical effort and who, like the patients, may risk in terms of infections).

The experience gained in 50 years of activity has enabled Ponte Giulio to develop a series of solutions designed to meet all these requirements, without neglecting economic constraints. Our specialists interact directly with the designer to make proposals and suggestions to create a space that is not only safe and comfortable for patients and caregivers, but also easy to maintain and meets the cost limits set by the client. A bathroom environment that satisfies everyone.