Machine for forced mechanical ventilation
PosaClima PureAir, the decentralized VMC system with heat recovery

PureAir PosaClima is a machine for forced mechanical ventilation that allows active filtration of the air introduced and heat recovery; in the "Automatic" function the machine is also able to interact with the external and internal environmental conditions by adjusting its operation. 

The air flows are generated by two small, brushless centrifugal fans (rotation in the magnetic field without wear) that operate at 24 volts (average consumption 10W / h). 

A fan sucks in the fresh outside air and, after filtering it, pushes it inside the house: a second fan generates an opposite flow by sucking in the stale and warm internal air which is pushed outwards. The heart of the machine, supplied by Mitsubishi and guaranteed for 10 years, is the heat exchanger, a honeycomb cube made of special cellulose, where the internal hot air that comes out crosses, without contact, with the colder external air that enters: the two streams of air exchange the temperature for which the internal air exits and cools while the external air heats up. 

PureAir was created to be installed at the same time as the replacement of old windows: if it is not ventilated correctly by opening the window several times a day, it is possible to witness the formation of condensation on the walls and subsequent transformation into mold. Furthermore, after the installation of the new doors and windows, in the absence of a correct airing of the premises, we will also have a worsening of the air quality which is evident with the increase in the rate of Co2 and pollutants (micro dust, mites, VOC) that cause problems sanitary. With PureAir it is possible to solve these problems by ensuring greater comfort in your home.