The Way of Writing: a calligraphic journey through time and space

The Way of Writing is a must-attend event for calligraphy enthusiasts and culture lovers, offering a unique opportunity to explore writing traditions through the works of contemporary artists and ancient manuscripts. A fascinating journey that celebrates the art of writing in all its forms.

On Display

Six contemporary artists from Armenia, Iran, Iraq, China, and Italy engage in a dialogue with ancient documents and manuscripts exceptionally displayed to the public by the Library of the Correr Museum. This exhibition, which opened its doors on April 24, will be available for viewing until October 15 2024.
The experience offers a journey where the Silk Road transforms into the Writing Road, exploring the various artistic, historical, and cultural manifestations of calligraphy. Promoted by the Civic Museums Foundation, the event aims to promote the knowledge and practice of handwriting, celebrating 700 years since the death of Marco Polo and the calligraphic cultures encountered during his travels to the East.

The artists and their works

Gayane Yerkanyan: The Art of Armenian Letters

Gayane Yerkanyan, originally from Yerevan, Armenia, decontextualizes Armenian letters to create new visual and symbolic meanings. Her works are characterized by a geometric approach and the absence of the typical hand-written gestures, yet revealing the imperfections inherent in manual work.

Sarko Meené: Memory and Protection

Sarko Meené, pseudonym of Armine Sarkavagyan, explores meanings related to memory and handwriting through the manuscripts of her grandfather, the poet Karpis Surenyan. Her works combine text and wire mesh, creating depth and symbolizing protection, femininity, and strength.

Golnaz Fathi: Poetic Non-Writing

Golnaz Fathi, from Tehran, Iran, combines traditional calligraphy with contemporary artistic expression, creating writings devoid of semantic value but rich in emotional meaning. Her scrolls inspired by Jalal al-Din Rumi evoke litanies that invite inner reflection.

Hassan Massoudy: Tradition and Innovation

Hassan Massoudy, from Najaf, Iraq, intertwines elements of Eastern and Western artistic traditions, exploring the nuances of human experience through writing. His compositions draw inspiration from poets and writers of different cultures, reflecting a dialogue between past and present.

Mingjun Luo: Deconstruction and Dialogue

Mingjun Luo, born in Nanchong, China, and raised between China and Switzerland, creates a third space where Chinese ideograms are fragmented to abstraction. Her series Break the Character invites a dialogue between diverse cultures, while Traces of Writing explores the transience of history.

Monica Dengo: Boundless Writing

Monica Dengo, from Camposampiero, Padova, Italy, explores boundless writing with works where letters dissolve into the canvas space. Her work Wonder reflects on the gesture of writing and the transformation of letters into abstract and poetic forms.

Ancient Manuscripts on Display

The exhibition showcases precious ancient manuscripts, including two illuminated copies of the Quran from the 17th and 18th centuries, a volume for the catechism of Dominican missionaries in Chinese, passports, health passes, and letters of faith in Islamic script in Turkish and Arabic. Additionally, there are commercial certificates in Armenian and a rare copy of the Tripitaka with Burmese characters on palm leaves.

Workshops and in-depth sessions

The exhibition is part of the calligraphy showcase The Way of Writing, curated by Monica Viero. It includes two four-day workshops, scheduled for October 2024 at the Abate Zanetti School of Glass in Murano, in collaboration with MUVE Academy. The courses will be taught by instructors of Western calligraphy and teachers of Arabic, Chinese, and Tibetan calligraphic traditions.