Exterior building under renovation with Over-All insulation

Over-all thermal reflective insulation are insulating materials, ideal for use in renovations, thanks to their performance, compositions and ease of installation and allow to obtain important advantages. Over-all materials, both in wall and ceiling installations, allow to optimize the air space that is created between the insulating panel and the plasterboard plate through the support structure of the sheets. In this way, the space that would normally be “lost” or used only for the passage of plants, contributes decisively to the thermal insulation of the structure thus allowing a considerable thickness recovery. They are ideal, under renovation, to isolate roofs, slabs not practicable, cobtroceilings and false walls.

Over-foil 311 is composed of a double sheet of pure aluminium and is applied for the thermo-acoustic insulation of external and internal walls and surface coverings. Over-foil multilayer 19 SuperQuiltTM is a thermo-reflective insulation material considered among the most performing on the market. Over-foil 2L-2 is applied as the over-foil 311, but the thickness varies from 9 mm to 6.5 mm, always composed of a pure aluminium foil. Over-foil Clima is used in ventilated roofs and ventilated walls, false walls and false ceilings with dry structure.