Sliding wall and hinged doors with Eclisse wall flush jambs
Retractable sliding doors and wall wire hinged doors

The history of Japanese art and calligraphy meets the contemporary in a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. ECLISSE shodō Collection is the only system for retractable sliding doors and wall wire hinged doors with totally wall-shaped finishes. Zero-thickness signs that draw volumes, define gates and surround space. A continuous and uninterrupted stretch. Minimalism reinterpreted in a modern key.

ECLISSE Shodō Scorrevole is the retractable system with external wall wire finishes in which counter frame and finishes merge into a single continuous sign that runs along the entire perimeter of the door panel without protruding, available for single door or for two mirrored doors in the ECLISSE Shodō Scorrevole EstensioneECLISSE Shodō Battente is instead the frame that allows you to install a hinged door coplanar to the wall with satinwall finishes, maximum expression of the encounter between tradition and innovation. To complete the range ECLISSE Shodō Battiscopa, the aluminum profile that allows the installation of wall wire skirting, which running along the base of the wall like a thin tape connect to the jambs of the passages creating a single, uninterrupted line of communication.