Modena, Italia

Roberto Palamà

Modena, Italia

The experience I had as a designer, for a large construction company, gave me the opportunity to measure myself in the difficult balance between the design needs and the economy of the intervention. I was fortunate enough to work on big projects but above all, to collaborate with many esteemed colleagues and experienced applicators and from both, I learned a lot.

Currently I work in Saint-Gobain PPC Italy activity Weber and I have the responsibility Marketing of the Malte Tecniche. The long experience behind me, allows me to provide advice in the restoration of cls, waterproofing, dehumidification. For these solutions, on-site consulting with companies is crucial. With them, I value the most effective intervention and I support them in their accomplishments.

More recently, my main job is to develop and promote solutions for structural reinforcement and consolidation. The need to document the effectiveness of Weber systems has allowed me to follow the academic experimentation at well-known Italian universities and important laboratories. Together with colleagues in the area, I provide design support for professionals and the installation of consolidation systems for businesses.

Universita' Politecnica delle Marche
Name of degree CIVIL ENGINEER
Dates of attendance or expected graduation 1993 - 2000

Product Manager Malte Tecniche range
Date2009. present
Working duration11 years
Località Italy

Responsible for the development of structural consolidation and reinforcement systems
Date2015 - present
Working duration5 years
Locality Milano, Italy

Business Develop Manager range of bituminous waterproofing membranes
Date2012 - 2014
Working duration2 years
Località Italy

Tecnico Commerciale
Date2007 - 2009
Working duration2 years
Technical advice to freelancers for the work of:
Lime recovery, facade maintenance, waterproofing, energy saving, moisture recovery, restoration cls.
Shipbuilding support in application phase.
Start of construction.
Drafting of technical data.
Technical and training support to the commercial force.
Technical support _ Coat systems_ for energy saving.
Qualitative and quantitative market analysis on colours, waterproofing, adhesives.

Structural designer
Company Name Engineering Library
Date2001 = 2007
Working duration6 years
Design of buildings in c.a. with foundations on poles.
Structure of terraced houses
Box in c.a. for railway underpass fixed with the technique of oleodynamic thrust.
Supporting works for stripping.
Meteoric water disposal of an urban bus depot.
Reinforcement and consolidation of masonry buildings.
Seismic adjustment school building.
Construction technician