Rock mineral wool Knaufinsulation
Rock mineral wool

Rock mineral wool has excellent fire resistance characteristics, high thermal and acoustic insulation properties and high compression resistance.

The production process of mineral wool of rock begins with the fusion, at 1500°C, of basalt rock, to which is then added limestone, coke and briquette“”a compound obtained from the mixture of the same mineral wool of rock recycled with cement material. Once the molten rock is transformed into fibers, it is sprayed with resin and oil and then passed into a curing furnace to allow the binder to harden.
Properly inserted in well-designed building envelopes, the mineral wool of rock attenuates the thermal flux of summer and avoids thermal dispersion in winter, thus maintaining a constant and pleasant temperature inside the living or working space. Thanks to its inert fibrous structure, it is a water-repellent material (characteristic that allows to keep its properties unchanged over time), breathable, unassailable from insects, rodents and immune to rooting and proliferation of harmful microorganisms.
Being unbreakable (Euro class A1) and melting only at temperatures above 1000°C, it is an extremely safe material that does not fear overheating of other elements (flues, technological systems or photovoltaic) and in the event of fire it can hinder the spread of flames, contain the development of fumes and prevent the emission of toxic gases.