Via Fornaci, 26, 38062 Arco TN, Italia

San.Co, a company founded in 1989, based in Trento, offers a wide range of wood and glass fire doors, safe solutions that combine acoustic abatement and fire resistance.

International Certifications of Certifications
The company is guided by the constant research of quality and reliability, of new solutions that go hand in hand with the continuous evolutions in the matter of fire resistance and safety. The most important international laboratories certify the activity of

San.Co, thanks to the consolidated supply chain, offers a complete service: from the design, to the supply of products, from the installation to the certification. The company’s projects are able to respond to particular aesthetic and structural needs, carrying out customized projects, not affecting the safety performance.

Management of construction sites
Rapidity and efficiency distinguish the service of San.Co, which with its own resources supports the construction works, ensuring the quality of the result.

The products
San.Co, using innovative materials, sought after throughout Europe, produces and proposes fire-proofing solutions in wood and glass, doors for blind interiors and stained glass windows, and doors with acoustic abatement, with the most different sizes and modes of opening (horizontal slides, swing slides, etc.)