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SapienStone is a new brand owned by the holding company Iris Ceramica Group S.p.A., a world leader in the production of top quality porcelain and high-tech ceramics for more than 50 years, serving more than 100 countries with a vast range of solutions for covering walls and floors: from the contract industry to wellness, hospitality, residential projects and large-scale public works projects responding to all the requirements of construction and living.

SapienStone is the first brand of porcelain designed specifically for kitchen worktops, for both residential and professional use (restaurants and cafés).

The outstanding qualities of SapienStone worktops characterise a long-lasting, unalterable product resistant to the most common forms of damage and wear, such as blows, scratches and abrasion, and to fire, frost and temperature shock, the natural result of careful selection of the best raw materials and the know-how of the product development laboratories of one of the world’s leading makers of porcelain.

Offering great benefits for covering large surfaces, SapienStone worktops made in the company’s innovative plant in Castellarano di Reggio Emilia, in the heart of Italy’s ceramics design district, are produced by cutting huge slabs measuring 3200x1500 mm, 12 mm or 20 mm thick. The new industrial plant has the capacity to produce about 2,400,000 sqm a year.

SapienStone is naturally resistant to high temperatures. Unlike wood, laminates, and quartz products, SapienStone will not burn in the event of fire, and it will not suffer thermal damage if you place a hot coffeepot or pan on it. SapienStone’s slabs can also be used outdoors, as sunlight does not alter any of its features.

SapienStone’s scratch resistance is better than the other products. Where wood, laminates, and quartz countertops suffer continual damage from scratching, SapienStone’s tough surface can withstand daily wear and tear – and we use no coloured resins or protective paints, such as those applied to other materials to add colour or gloss.

Perhaps best of all, SapienStone requires no special maintenance or attention. SapienStone’s products can all be cleaned with ordinary soap and hot water or common cleaning products. It is resistant to chemicals and acids of all kinds, including lemon and vinegar.

SapienStone is the first brand of porcelain slab designed specifically with the kitchen in mind, offering countless benefits over other brands which are not specifically intended for use in the kitchen.