Plastbau sintered expanded polystyrene dividers
Sintered expanded polystyrene dividers | Plastbau

The reinforced divider panels are made of sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a width of 60 cm, thickness from 6 to 20 cm and their length varies depending on the request. Inside the panels are positioned metal profiles in galvanized sheet metal. On request, the entire range with exposed metal profiles is also produced in the version with metal profiles covered by 1 cm of EPS. Installation is extremely simple and fast and the installation methods change according to the specific applications. After the installation operations will be possible to insert the plants and the vertical climbs will be inserted into the EPS before the coating of the walls with the plaster or the dry finishes screwed. Due to its versatility the partitions can have various uses, from the partition walls, to the infilling as in the case of under-regulation or false ceilings.

Plastbau partitions, due to their thermal insulation and mechanical strength characteristics, can be used as perimeter fencing of frame structures made of iron, wood or reinforced concrete. The evolution of this system under regulation with walls and partitions has been achieved by replacing the traditional tiles with the innovative partitions that concentrate in a single element characteristics such as to allow the simplification of the installation, the decrease of the times in yard, the cost reduction and a better isolation. If the roof of a building with a wooden roof is to be realized, The use of the Plastbau partition panels under the regulation with wooden supporting tables allows the replacement of the assembled and insulating package by placing the same directly on the secondary joists.