Slaves CLT ribbed Lignotrend
Slaves CLT ribbed

The Lignotrend company, thanks to the use of laminated wood with crossed layers and boxed elements, develops innumerable solutions including all the components, capable of satisfying the various requirements required in the projects. As for the floors, they are available in various sizes, which can be chosen according to different needs.

The elements inherent in the theme of the floors are varied. The LIGNO Decque Q3 floor slab, with ribbed laminated wood elements in crossed layers, with three supporting ribs, and the LIGNO Decke Q4 floor slab, with four supporting ribs on the lower side. Both have the possibility of being produced with a visible surface or this surface can be closed with strips. The ribs and spaces of the gray, in the upper part, can house the implants. The LIGNO Rippe Q3 and Rippe Q3 bv floor slab, with ribbed laminated wood elements in crossed layers, both with three supporting ribs and with continuous panel on the lower layer, which can be produced with a visible surface, but with the upper part reinforced for greater bearing capacity in the second case. The LIGNO Rippe Q4 floor, on the other hand, has elements with four supporting ribs instead of three. The LIGNO Block Q slab includes solid panels in cross-laminated wood, the LIGNO Block Q3 floor ribbed box-like elements in cross-laminated wood, with three supporting ribs, similar to the elements of the LIGNO Block Q3 bv floor slab, used for large spans and large arches, which can be increased at the top. The rib channels are always used for the installation of systems.