SolaMaster solar diffusers in a commercial building
Solar diffusers for Commercial & Industrial environments | Serie SolaMaster

The Solar diffuser  in the SolaMaster system have a diameter of 530mm, allowing natural light to be transported in all its integrity in commercial and industrial buildings, such as hospitals, offices, warehouses. Patents and proprietary technologies make it possible to transport natural light in environments that do not border on the outside and that until earlier could not benefit from natural light. The solatudes can be incorporated into new buildings and are also excellent systems in the renovation of existing buildings.

SolaMaster 330DS-C and SolaMaster 330DS-O hanno with a diameter of 530mm and can be used for applications with ceiling and without ceiling. DS 750-C and solatube DS 750-O have a diameter of 530mm and can be used for ceiling and ceiling applications. The roof caps (domes) are injection molded in methacrylate or and shock-resistant, TP(a), and incorporate UV rays shielding up to 380 nanometers. The conduit is made of Spectralight Infinity material owned by solatube, has a mirror reflection of more than 99% and is the most reflective material in the world. A wide range of shocks made to last in the time that guarantee the watertight and a simple installation for any type of roof and slope. The diffusers can be of different types: prismatic diffuser, OptiView diffuser, standard prismatic diffuser, OptiView circular diffuser. Accessories can be while: daylight dimmer, safety bars, Fire collar (fire protection collar), Trim ring.