Render acoustically insulated radiant floor stratigraphy with Isolmant floor system
Sound insulation for impact noise | Isolmant

Isolmant proposes a "floor system" to address the problem of footfall noise, technically defined as impact noise complete that considers the resilient material as an element that can be positioned in different points of the structure according to its construction needs. Important is the choice of materials based on the elements present and the performance you want to obtain. In the system proposed by Isolmant, in fact, each element is linked to the others, and each one conditions the functioning of the others and vice versa.

To solve the problems arising from impact noise, it is necessary to create a structure with a floating screed: using a resilient material with the right elasticity, the support screed is released from the side structures and an oscillating system is created that absorbs and dissipates the energy caused by the impact. Isolmant offers solutions based on different types of structures (bistrate, single layer, dry), different thicknesses and the presence or absence of radiant panels for underfloor heating. For renovations, however, Isolmant suggests solutions that can be used under-trim, in structures less than 3 cm thick, or directly below the floor, allowing fast and non-invasive work.