Geoski Geoski sports flooring and flooring
Sports floors, coatings and grids

Geoplast's range of sports products is perfect for those looking for a versatile, multisport surface, for general recreational activities, with the belief that sport should be accessible to everyone.

The company Geoplast creates surfaces that are simultaneously waterproof, resistant, capable of ensuring high performance. Among the products, we have Gripper Outdoor and Gripper Indoor, recycled plastic modules for indoor and outdoor sports floors.The Gripper Outdoor line tiles have a perforated surface capable of ensuring drainage in case of rain, as well as ease of cleaning for all types of sporting activities. On the contrary, those of the Indoor line have a completely smooth surface, with the possibility of being "coupled" with the damping mat.The Gripper Tennis line is designed for the construction of tennis courts, with a high drainage capacity permitting the use of the court immediately after the rain, while the Geoski line was created specifically for winter sports, for the creation of ski slopes. Finally, Geoplast has developed Runfloor Cavalli, a grid created specifically for equestrian grounds, which makes it possible to improve and consolidate areas subject to trampling by animals.