Renovation of the Villafranca building with the FerriTECHNIC structural reinforcement and restoration system
Structural restoration and consolidation system | FerriTECHNIC

Ferri has developed a structural restoration and consolidation system called FerriTECHNIC through the use of a range of new-concept materials and innovative techniques that are more effective and easier to apply, such as structural mortars and concrete suitable for the restoration and consolidation of deteriorated walls and facades, where different structural and construction elements often coexist, such as reinforced concrete, plaster and exposed bricks, to the detriment of the stability and aesthetic value of the facades themselves. Moreover, due to the deterioration to which the cementitious plasters are exposed, even safety can be compromised with the consequent risk of plaster detachment and danger of collapse.

The damage that can occur in a building are of varying nature and extent, depending on the case, the system for facade Renovation works on moisture stains, which can prevent annoying and harmful leakage into the building and cracks. The system for Armed Structural Reinforcement uses a series of products, from nets to mortars, bio lime and connectors made of glass or carbon yarn, which are also highly performing in seismic areas. When the reinforced concrete degrades, leaving the reinforcement no longer sufficiently protected and subject to oxidation and increase in volume, a proper Restoration of the Concrete requires good protection of the reinforcement with certified products. The fresh Structural Concrete with modern formulations known as self-compacting ensures a homogeneous and uniform appearance, which is not required. In addition, the range of products includes Connectors suitable for structural interconnections of masonry even in seismic areas.