Building realized with Wicsky curtain walls 90 Wicona
Systems for facades

The wicona company produces classic mullion and transom facades, element facades, structural facades or three-dimensional constructions such as pyramids, polygons, cylindrical vaults or spherical roofs. With the Wictec and Wicsky facade systems, all conceivable variants can be designed. The combination of the elements and the compatibility of the systems enable customized solutions. The theme of intelligent facades with energy saving, cost reduction and high quality is becoming increasingly important. Their focus is on the development of facade systems with Photovoltaic integration and double facades.

Wictec50 and Witec60 are mullion and transom facades with inside and outside widths of 50 mm and 60 mm respectively. Witec's bulletproof and burglar-proof security systems are the perfect complement to the Wictec 50/60 aluminium profile systems. Witec El has the characteristic of being produced with frames that are already assembled at the worksite. Wictec An is a connection system between the facade and the structure of the building that makes it possible to resolve the interface between the two structures in a versatile way. Wicsky 90 offers a façade system with uprights and crossbeams with an inside and outside view width of 90 mm. With the Wictec Fv system, opaque or transparent photovoltaic modules can be integrated into both the façade and the roof. "Second skin" is the system from Wictec dw, which guarantees optimal air conditioning with a number of concrete advantages. Temotion is an active and self-sufficient integrated intelligent façade concept. The façade reacts to changes in external and internal conditions and helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building structure.