Thermo reflective systems
Thermo reflective systems

The roofing of buildings undergoes the greatest thermal stress during the summer; expansion and shrinkage of insulating materials cause cracks, thinning of protective layers, cracks. Regardless of the type of coverage, Serisolar solves the problem at source by applying professional Cool Roof reflective varnishes. The liquid sheath, laid with airless system, or roller, brings the surface temperature from 80°-90°C to max. 45°C-50°C. In this way the thermal stress of the roof system will be reduced in addition to the temperature below the ceiling 10°C-20°C depending on the existing insulation package.The product is non-toxic, ecological and biological.

The coating for roofing can be applied on sheath, concrete and sheet metal. It represents a practical and functional intervention in the optimization of energy performance, in the summer cooling and in the improvement of general thermal comfort in non air-conditioned buildings. Products: Serisolar Proflexum cool roof and Serisolar Proflexum
The antisolar paints for skylights are practical and quick to apply, melt the high quality at the right cost in providing a definitive solution to all the problems of insolation, heat and glare of industrial sheds (workshops, warehouses, warehouses.). Based on synthetic resins and unalterable pigments, suitable for any type of surface, both glass and plastic. Products: P. POLI-SHIELD semi-transparent non-toxic solar varnish and SERISOLAR TINT nanotechnological varnish for plastic and glass
Serisolar self-installation antisolar varnishes are used as protection for external masonry and prefabricated concrete works, to protect aging or microceramized bituminous membranes, metal covers, glass and plastic surfaces. Products:H-WBSC Fast | SERISOLAR TINT nanotechnological paint for plastic and glass